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How to uninstall redux mod

  • i just installed redux mod ,but now i wanna install it because my pc can't handle it.
    I got a vanilla copy and a modded copy for gta v so if i need to replace some files in the modded version,What files are they?


  • im sorry, but it isn't helping me.i already started from scratch because of mods 3 times and im really tired of it.i saw in some kind of post to replace some files but i just wanna make sure what files and will it actually fix the game or corrupt it??

  • @FirasElfawal What file are you talking about ? I can't guess /
    I don't understand , if you starded from scratch(without redux) what is not working ?

  • @FirasElfawal And you should use "Reply" or I may not see it

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