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How do I spawn Mods in-game?

  • I have GTA 5 on Steam, and I've created a 'mods' folder inside of the GTA V file. (The update folder is ALSO inside the mods folder aswell as in the GTA V folder).

    I've downloaded 'Add-On' mods and I've put them all in their correct places (also added the correct lines to dlclist) - yet I have no clue how to spawn them in-game.

    I've swapped from using Simple Trainer to a trainer called Enhanced Native Trainer (because on the Installation Guide they recommended to use that one). The issue is, whenever I use the 'Search By Model Name' it comes up with nothing (and I am searching with the correct terms) yet it just says invalid or not found.

    PS: I get 'INVALID' with both trainers when I try to search for the mods, I've followed both guides correctly and I use OpenIV.

  • @someVPN you might be missing the latest custom gameconfig file.

  • You've just reminded me, I've literally just bought GTA on PC and I haven't done this modding before. I've saw a few threads regarding gameconfig - is it something I'm meant to download (an updated version or something)?

  • Is there a certain gameconfig file I have to download (could you link if so) and do I just place it into the GTA 5 root folder?

  • @someVPN if you plan on playing online, please make two copies of your game, and never go online with the game you put mods in, even if you use a mods folder, there is a slight chance not much, but a slight chance of getting a ban online. it has happened to many before.

    p.s you can get this custom gameconfig file from here this link: since you have the steam version.

  • Ah... now I'll have to learn how to make two copies of the game, haha, oh dear...

  • @someVPN just keep a back up of the clean game. you can use it when you decide to go online.

  • Yeah, just quick skimmed a guide, just as I thought it's copying the GTA V folder onto the desktop, reaming it, then whenever I want to play on that version I have to swap it to the steam folder.

  • @someVPN Good luck.

  • Just opened GTA V again, with the new gameconfig (replaced old one) - still can't spawn any of the add-on vehicles in, it just says 'Model Not Found' - no clue now.

  • @someVPN double check the dlclist in mods folder. and gameconfig file should be placed in mods folder too.

  • Yeah, I've put the gameconfig file into the mods folder (in the Data folder where it said to put it).0_1482976246258_upload-ea4181a4-c419-4322-9868-61729be6924f

    That's my dlclist file.

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