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[MOD IDEAS]Would you been interested in..

  • Hello community,
    I felt like there should be a topic/thread/section on this forum to give modders feedback on their ideas. I'm not talking about WIP project, instead ideas for future mods. For example, before I start working on something I would like to know if people will be interested and how much.

    Just a little note, I feel that stealing ideas isn't a good idea, so please, anyone posting/reading these posts, if ever you will release one of the mod based on an idea found on this topic, please, at least give credit!

    So, let's start, I'll be the first one :

    • Would you like to be able to use online gestures in single player as well?
    • Would you like to see a kind of "Hotline Miami" game mode?
    • Would you like to see beast mode make an appearance on single player as well?


  • I would absolutely love for the "beasted" power up from the power-play update make its way to single player! :D

  • @Cloud_Power said in [MOD IDEAS]Would you been interested in..:

    Would you like to be able to use online gestures in single player as well?

    I got a few requests like this on the page for my mod "The Bird" and here on the forums. I think people would be interested! I probably won't get around to it anyway :slight_smile:

  • @Hercules_A_3C_348 Should I make it similar to the online counterpart or the "let's be creative way"? I suppose similar to the online version :D

  • @rappo Great, nice info! ;)

  • @Hercules_A_3C_348 I'm actually working on a Beast Vs. Slasher mode in single player ;)
    You are the beast and the slashers are controlled by AI, it's in very alpha stage.
    BTW I will release another script, this one is in beta stage. You will be able to became a beast with the touch of a key :D

  • @Cloud_Power Fuck yeah dude! That is amazing news! Can't wait to see how it turns out :D

  • always wanted online gestures .. something i thought was always cool from the old game "the saboteur" was when you stood idle for around 10 seconds, the main character would light up a cigarette and you can control him again and it would stay lit in his mouth while you played for a little bit afterward until he'd flick it away during whatever badass spy move you'd be doing (it was a third person sandbox like GTA)

  • @Zippo-Raid Yeah, you are right. I had fun with this game as well. Thanks for the idea, i'll look into it! :D

  • I would love a destructible city via nuke mod. It could be done by activating a nuke and once the nuke explosion ends the mod teleports the player to a dessert location with loads of molded building rubble every where. If timed right it could look like the city has been vaporised

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