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who can design billboard or truck texture?

  • Hi, would be awesome if i can have some of my own nudes on an billboard in GTA V or on side of trucks, who can help me?

  • Hello,

    If you're new to this, you need OpenIV. If not, then you know....

    If the billboard files are a ytd, then you need to replace them with an image of the same size. Go into OpenIV, and click on the ytd you want to edit. You can replace the images in ytd with png's or DDS's. I personally recommend DDS's.

    If the files are a ydr/yft then you will need this mod:

    This was linked on one of my topics by an admin.
    I personally used paint.net (website getpaint.net), as it lets you save images as a DDS. Click and open the ydr/yft in OpenIV so it brings up the zmodeller viewer. On the bottom right, it will say "view embedded textures".

    If the emdedded image has a midmaps, then save your image via paint.net or any other image thing with mipmaps. Also watch out and make sure you save it as the correct DXT....Maybe you can save as different DXT's? I've never tried.

    Drag the ydr/yft to your desktop. Open up the tool I linked, and open the ydr/yft you dragged to your desktop. You'll see an image/images. The image you replace the GTA image with MUST have the identical name and most very likely be the identidal size. Your image must also be a DDS for ydr/yft files, unless GTA uses something else.

    When you've saved your image you replaced in the tool I linked, save it. Double check, just for good measure, and drag back into the GTA files.

    Can't find the ydr/yft's for billboards? I'm not sure where to look either. Try x64c, and x64g. No promises that it's there though.

    Truck Textures,
    Go to the update/x64e depending on what you're changing, and you want to open the ytd and +ytd with OpenIV, and replace the image. If the trucks use _n, which is NORMAL MAP, then you can youtube how to do that. I've been told it's easy...

    I recommend making your image for the +ytd, and then resizing it for ytd if necessary/if you want too.

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