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[Script] Biker bodyguards/MC mod

  • Would anyone be willing to make a script where you can cruise around with MC members a good amount perhaps 4-10 or more. they can have motorcycles obviously, their patches, and weapons.

    I saw 1. a gang mod..but the author isn't willing to add in MC's only city gang banging.

    I saw 2. a Bodyguard mod BUT most are glitchy/don't work properly and haven't been updated in forever nor am I sure if you can have MC bodyguards to spawn in and its rather just a body guard mod and nothing more.

    The MC community is pretty large on GTA5. Id just love to ride around with MC members, choose their patches/my patch, ride motorcycles with them, and cause chaos in GTA.

    Maybe a mod like LSPDFR but instead of cop stuff, you can do MC stuff as a MC member. Maybe recruit members, mess with other gangs, steal bikes, drugs, etc... maybe you can even add in club houses and stuff.

    Im not saying copy big MC patches like bandidos or hells angels, etc.. in my eyes I don't even like wearing those patches but hey its gta5 role playing those could be cool but i'd still feel bad because people died with it on their backs and fought with blood to wear it kind of crappy to wear it inside a game and role play it idk feels wrong maybe im nuts... but IRL the clubs are strict about who uses their stuff and the hells angels usually sue people for copy rights etc... so even if you just make it the LOST mc, or SOA MC that'd still be great.... I know the MC community is huge and would love some kind of mod like this to be made.


    Yeah it would be a nice idea, I also though about this. You can try Bodyguard Squads, it might do the trick.

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