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The B-17 and B-25 Bombers

  • I know that there is already a mod for these aircraft but they are so out of date and bugged out like no tomorrow I wish that someone would remake these into add ons and make them the right way cause its sad that they didn't get fixed the right way and I wish they had working turrets and guns smdh but I just wanted to know if its possible to do that?

  • @TR71777 Well the project is there ....but I left the final modell back in china in my desktop....so maybe I'll release it at the end of january if I get my files successfully
    B-25 havent been enhanced by anyone yet...I personally dont like its design...kinda look like Avro Lancaster...

  • @Elope personally the person that did the B-25 did it all wrong cause there is no way in hell a A-10 GAU-8 Avenger weapon system was ever in the front of a B-25 and the air to air missiles or any type of rockets either he did the B-25 wrong with dishonor

  • @Elope I just want the two iconic aircraft to have working turrets and guns and fly with honor again its just sad that these hasn't been put in yet but I understand that the right scripts and modifications has to be done right in order for them to do what they are supposed to do

  • @TR71777 yeah...the turrets wont work at current state,u'll have to select to have it fly like a WWII plane without working turrets (still managed to add some guns)or have the functioning turrets but have to fly like a helicopter

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