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[Add-On Vehicle] HELP Add-On Vehicles crash Game

  • Someone please help me, every time I attempt to add my add-on vehicles to dlclist.xml and the extratitle. meta my game crashes. I've even tried just adding them to dlclist.xml only and still same issue. will someone please help me to resolve this issue. I'm to the point I'll even give someone my cell number to walk me thru resolving this issue.

  • @IraqVet It is most likely a problem with your gameconfig.xml. Try this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars Also, I think that for most mods these days, you don't need to edit your extratitleupdate.meta, only the dlclist.

  • Well I just added the file you recommended, added my add-on vehicles back to the dlclist.xml only, games not crashing but none of the add-on vehicles spawning. Any suggestions

  • @IraqVet nope. I have no idea. To be clear, you've spawned add-ons before, right?

  • got it fixed thank you Nathanjamesddg151

  • @IraqVet said in [Add-On Vehicle] HELP Add-On Vehicles crash Game:

    got it fixed thank you Nathanjamesddg151

    @IraqVet how did you get it fixed because I have a very similar issue where I changed the gameconfig to that exact one linked, added my add-on (one I made following every tutorial I could find) to the dlc list and nothing works at all.. whereas the ones ive downloaded and done work perfectly fine.

  • I did exactly what nathanjames151 said to do perpatum then I went into the dlclist.xml removed all my add-on vehicles from it, copied a new one from the regular gta files back into the mod folder, then readded my add-on vehicels back to it, and that fixed it.

  • Because the dlclist.xml file didn't have the new dlc info because it was from before import/export so I had to replace the old dlclist.xml in the mod folder with the new one from the game folder

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