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add on dlc folder problem

  • What is the limit of adding seperate dlc ?
    How to fix the limit ?
    How to combine seperate dlc in one dlc as an alternative solution ?

  • @c0der7 For the add-on limit, changing gameconfig.xml will help.
    For the second question, @Reyser might know the answer. :slight_smile:

  • hey thanks for the reply. Im using https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars by F7YO. For dlc folder im going through resyer's tutorial

  • @c0der7 Then you're highly likely to succeed.

  • yes i added my first dlc add on car. Thanks to reyser.
    I have a question im getting NULL name on vehicle mods.
    How to fix that?


    @c0der7 That's because you didn't added Tuning Parts names to your DLC, but that doesn't mean the tuning parts aren't there.

    To add names you should learn how game Hashes works and add your owns (Do you know that inside GTA DLC's, following the /dlc.rpf/x64/data/ path you find some folders in different languages? That are the files that contains the hashes with the names of each car/tuning part).

    I just tried 1 time without success, but you can find some tutorials on Youtube

  • yeah thanks. I have seen that now. Maybe try some other time. I think ill go with the NULL for now :)
    Appreciates your reply ^_^

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