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Redux doesn't work (because of new DLC?)

  • Hey guys,
    I tried to install redux for about 3 hours now. The game would finally boot but when I want to play story Mode I get an error message: Out of Memory, please reboot game...
    I already installed the gameconfig files but it still won't work...
    Can someone please help me?

  • @meurer1519
    Did you also installed the REDUX_PATCHDAY1.zip part and installed?
    If you got that installed ^
    Can you try to play the game without any Reshade and or Enb
    Let me know.

  • Thank you for your answer
    I got it to run by completely reinstalling the mods and shaders. I also installed the Patchday file. The game now starts and everything works perfectly fine but after about 5 mins of gaming it crashes without a reason...

  • @meurer1519
    Okay i see you are using the Shaders. This is found to crash. Please remove the shaders and start playing to see if the crash is gone. I know almost 80% for sure that it will not crash then.

    Please let me know.

  • Ok, I uninstalled the Shader and now it seems to work although some files of the shader were missing (d3d11.dll and enbseries folder). I installed every file in the Shaders folder but they seem to have disapeared?

  • @meurer1519

    No idea. i never use the shader and thats why i do not have crashes :D

  • Haha ok :D
    Well now it crashes again and I have no clue why...

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