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How to create car wipers on gta5 vehicle

  • @solo @Faysal

    Hi guys, I just heared one of my friend said, if your wipers still not working.
    Try to import cuban800 into the zm3 after you finished to set your wipers.
    This may help you.


    This post is deleted!

  • @Yoha Importing cuban800 realy helps! I'm unsucesfully tried add wipers many times, follow tutorial step by step, zmodeler says about unknown object, and wipers only swaying on speed, but when i try import cuban that error about unknown part is gone and wipers start to work. And one question: rotation angle of wipers is important, because my wipers slightly pass through window

  • @Yarm1995 Glad to hear that. :)
    About the rotation angle, during the step 1 of modify axes. we need choose Local, then click "X", use rotate tool, rotate X axes in some angle.

    And this angle is control the agle of wipers open.
    alt text

  • @Yoha @ImNotMentaL what if you change the keywords "Door_Hatch_x" in the script to something else....custom keyword which is not used by the game default vehicles , might solve the conflicts....


    @Dyc3 nope, gta won't recognize new bone name unless you add them into gta5.exe


    the hard part in that is to set up the right place so the wiper won't gp through the windscreen when rotate or when turn the wipers off

  • @Faysal
    yes, you are right.

    and the key in this part is set right angle in X Axis.
    You can check the image in the 1st floor.

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