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Forum Dead

  • Seems like this place is dead... where's all the people at that can help, that can chime in etc, seems most post end up with 2-3 comments or moved around by admins... is there a more active forum? I know i have issues from time to time too, but can never get the assistance from others. Like now, new DLC, mods don't work, of course. Started fresh, mods work, yet cars spawn and dissappaear as i drive off, or add on cars won't work at all, assuming gameconfig, but what needs to change on that to work etc, we all get problems... just looking for a good place to go

  • @DSKTX It may be due to the holiday season.

  • @DSKTX Providing support is often a difficult thing for community members - we're not all necessarily experts at every aspect of modding, and we often get requests from people that can't communicate effectively in English, get belligerent when they're not helped promptly, or just keep having issues that nobody can seem to solve. I'm not saying you fall into any of the above categories, just that it may explain the disillusionment with providing support at times. That said, in your latest thread, you had a user trying to help but you didn't respond to any of the questions posed, so I'm not sure how you can expect the conversation to carry on. In any case, if you still want another option at support, you can try GTAForums.com, which is much more popular GTA forum.

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