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  • ENG-Hi guys, someone knows how to modify carcols.ymt file?

    ITA-Ciao ragazzi, qualcuno sa come modificare i file carcols.ymt?

  • Custom Visuals and Blue Lights v2.6.0 and Improved Lighting Pattern v3.0 both have carcols.ymt file decrypted. what are you trying to change in it?

  • @Willief23 just trying to stop brakelight , taillight and rear lights when the siren is "on"

  • @ComedyGamer1992 the only thing i can think of is stopping the tail lights from flashing while sirens is going. This is called wigwags. Improved Lighting Pattern v3.1 which was just updated earlier today has an option that says without wigwags so thats the mod you want for police sirens.

  • @Willief23 oh ok but then how i can make all lights blue for exemple?

  • @ComedyGamer1992 download this mod

    changed your sirensettings to 13 or 14 for whatever police vehicles you use the most and then the siren lights will be all blue.
    if you want blue license plate lights and blue dash lights for inside the car download this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/blue-led-lighting-on-vehicles

    and if you want blue colored headlights then open up carcols.ymt file from improved lighting pattern go all the way to line 80668 which is near the bottom and change the info to this :

    <xenonLightColor value="0x4268FF"/>
    <xenonCoronaColor value="0x4268FF"/>
    <xenonLightIntensityModifier value="1.50000000"/>
    <xenonCoronaIntensityModifier value="1.50000000"/>

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