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Happy New Year! Next features to implement?

  • Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2017 for all:thumbsup:

    There are some features that I'd love to start implementing for the site, and I'd like your feedback to figure out what to prioritize! You can choose up to three options. If you think there's something even more important that I missed, please add a reply and anybody else that agrees with it should use the + and - rep buttons to vote for it.

    PS you can add polls to the first posts in your topics now :grin:


    Happy New Year <3

    About the poll, I've voted:

    • Ability to provide multiple translations of my mod description that show up when a user is browsing the site in that language. Would be very nice to see something like that (at least for me), so I can help people translating some of their mods to my natives languages and other people can do the same too with theirs.
    • Add support for Chrome desktop notifications on site and/or forums. I think is a bit necessary. With this, the option for notifications to main site and vice versa wouldn't be necessary. Otherwise, the oposite.
    • Fix bug where profile pictures are not updated automatically on forums. I've uploaded a new pic to my main profile some time ago but it doesn't changed here, so would be good a fix for that ;)

    Also, I find interesting:

    • Allow mod authors to specify what car/game files their mod replaces (+ search filter): If you're trying to find the best car to replace an specific one that's great for beginners.
    • Ability to delete/unpublish my own mod: Just to save your time Rappo :D

    BTW @Rappo, I've tried to add a poll to the main post of my Tutorial but it didn't let me: ERROR: Can only add poll in main post.

  • @rappo happy new year.

  • @Reyser said in Happy New Year! Next features to implement?:

    BTW @Rappo, I've tried to add a poll to the main post of my Tutorial but it didn't let me: ERROR: Can only add poll in main post.

    Looks like it can only be added while you're creating the topic, it can't be edited in later.
    I've also fixed your avatar manually for now :slight_smile:

  • @Frazzlee True, the arrangement options would give mod authors the ability to put a video as the main item and then have all the images underneath though, which you currently cannot do. You can only have a video as your main item if there are no screenshots on the mod.


    @rappo Oh, and there's no a way to add while editing? BTW thanks for changing my avatar manually <3

  • I would love nothing more than some more markdown features.


    Automatically Approve New Mod for Existing Member

    • Unlocked after 3 approved mod. New member uploading mod still need to wait admin to approve manually.
    • Admins can disable this function to that user if the user violate the rules, such as uploading virus, crack, etc.

    Like on Comments

    • Add a like button on comments: [fa-thumbs-up] Like [fa-reply] Reply [fa-exclamation-triangle] Report

    Frequent Asked Question on Mod Description

    • Add a Tab or something that can let people search before they ask, because normally they encounter errors are all because their ScriptHookV or ScriptHookV .Net

    Donars get Special items

    • Add an extra download slot for generous donors
    • Once a donor successfully donate with paypal, he/she will unlock another download button to download extra content for that mod

    Animated Gif Image

    • Sometimes a static image can't show everything.

    Change the Like on Mod Post to Reaction

    • Like Facebook, there are Like, Love, Laugh, Wow, Sad, Angry

  • @ImNotMentaL
    I agree with 1st, 3rd and 5th.
    Second one is OK.

    Absolutely hate the fourth. I don't like putting every mod behind paywalls.
    Also dislike the 6th. This is a modding site, not a social network.


    @Akila_Reigns the Fourth one is to thanks to the donor who make donations, but we can set a rules like

    • selling mods are not allow
    • uploading demo and the extra donor download will unlock the full version is also not allow
    • the extra content can only be like a special set of bodykit/paintjob for a vehicle or an extra attachment for a weapon, or a hidden content on a script.

    the reaction just a suggestion

  • this is the best GTA 5 mod site out there hands down no need to change it to try and make it better, its fine how it is just saying..

  • @Frazzlee I think he means ability to disable comments on your own mods. Sorry, this won't be happening.

    Another thing that won't happen is the notion of VIP mods or controlling what users see based on their donation status. Everything on the site will always be free with the same availability to all users.

    Thanks for all the suggestions - besides ones that I've said I wouldn't implement, I'll consider the rest and put them in a new poll when I've implemented some of the ones from this poll.

  • @rappo So are you going to add "reactions" instead of just the "like"?
    I mean, your site is not Facebook.

  • The ability to provide multiple translations is very important in my opinion, since a large number of foreign users visit the website. I like all the feature ideas in this thread though.

    One thing I want to suggest is moving the "Delete" mod button into the "Edit File" category. I can see someone easily clicking it on accident since it's currently right next to Edit File. I don't know if it asks to confirm whether or not you want to delete the mod since I haven't clicked it yet, but I still think it should be inside Edit File.

    My ideas

    • Ability for the author to include up to two pinned comments
    • Publish the readme on the mod page itself. Allow some HTML to be formatted into the readme. Allow multiple readme's for various languages.

    • Sitewide shoutbox (Up for debate, can get flooded with trolls and spam)

    • Move direct chats from Forum to Main site and make it global. I think a lot of people don't know the chat exists. Maybe even have it minimized on the right corner of the screen like Facebook does. Allow the author to enable or disable direct chat for users that require assistance. Have a button on the mod page to start the chat.

    • Email notification of new mod updates and the ability for authors to publish an update without sending any alerts out

    • The ability to see whether or not a commenter has downloaded the mod, including the number of times they downloaded it (NexusMods has this feature and it's nice)

    • Two-Factor account login verification (More important than you may think)

    • Way to check when user was last online

    I'll come back at a later time to edit this post with more ideas.

  • Happy new year Rappo! Gotta say, i really like this topic with ideas of what to implement, although sadly i have none to commit with right now. Anyway, im looking forward to see what changes will appear in 2017! :)

  • @rappo Or actually, i'd like to be able to "hide" a mod in case i release it while files not locked so that i can fix it without anyone having the chance to download it, which happaned quite recently :P

  • @Zievs I've added this functionality, through the new "Delete" button. It will hide the mod from the public, and you can just say in the reason field "Temporarily hiding, don't delete" so that it's not permanently deleted. It can be re-approved once your new version is uploaded.

  • @rappo Got it! Thank you for this feature :)

  • @rappo Why did the YouTube button beside of the Profile Picture got removed on the modpage?


    Now I can't go on other people's channel without subscribing them, going on YouTube and find the channel.

  • @Kwebbl Sorry I didn't really think about the fact that you need to subscribe (or at least be prompted to subscribe) in order to visit their profiles. I'll add it back soon.


  • Search filters and being able to disable users from adding videos to mods would seriously help, because most of the time people post shit videos or shit pictures that just shouldn't taint other sites.


    @rappo seems that the chinese bot spammer already find a way to register account and post on forum. do something

  • @ImNotMentaL Don't worry, we are used for this now. :)
    I'll delete 'em.


    @Akila_Reigns trimming the leaves won't prevent the tree continue to grow, must remove it's roots.

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