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Any way to disable rockstar/gta online loading screens boxes?

  • Hi. Something I have been trying to solve, is if there is a way to completely disable the static loading screens, the ones that show the GTA Online/Rockstar ads? Sorry if I missed somewhere if this has already been discussed (I looked but didn't find anything).

    I recently installed a loading screen mod, which replaced a few of the dynamic and static loading screens, but the default static loading screens seem to show before the ones in the mod. I tried replacing some of the loading screens the mod didn't change, but all that did was show a blank background behind the loading screens (the game still loads and runs fine). I am using OpenIV to do this, just to be clear.

    alt text

    I will say I did manage to get 1 dynamic loading screen to show up by switching the launcher to go into Story Mode automatically, bypassing the main menu screen shown above. This doesn't completely solve the issue though, as the static loading screens show up still.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance too!

  • Ok I am seriously stupid :P - I didn't realize starting in "offline mode" gets rid of that stuff. I never used a launcher for GTA before (always just started up and clicked story mode), but I found a mod here called ToolsV, which let me start in story-offline mode. The standard dynamic screens worked as normal then.

    I don't go on GTA Online, but due to social club I didn't realize you could start the game offline, which gets rid of that stuff. ToolsV solved the issue though, so thanks to Adam Zbikowski for making that mod!

  • -Open GTA5.exe in a hex editor and look for 72 6F 63 6B 73 74 61 72 5F 6C 6F 67 6F 73 00 62 69 6B
    -Change it to 32 73 65 63 6F 6E 64 73 62 6C 61 63 6B 2E 62 69 6B 00

  • can someone make a dll to deactivate that pls bacause i want play online but without the loading ads

  • Block the hostname prod.cloud.rockstargames.com (e.g. using the hosts file, the firewall, or router).
    This unfortunately makes all online components unavailable (iFruit, Returning Player Bonus that everyone has been given access to, etc.), and I recall having launching issues at times, but if you can find a way to automate it for use with Online, it may be very convenient.

    Going offline works, of course, but Rockstar's DRM either outright refuses to launch the game, or only launches it within a time window after the game was last launched with connection to Rockstar. The aforementioned issues apply here as well.

    @BlueStarBRS That may be detected as tampering by the game.

    Looking for a better solution myself, as well.

    Edit: look at this, deleting "GTAV\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scaleform_frontend.rpf\gtav_online.gfx" gets rid of it entirely! Source. A bit inconvenient it's yet another step to do each time while modding a new update.rpf, but I think it's worth it.

  • @BorbingoBoy That just removed the promotional messages but didn't get rid of the static images.

    promotional messages

  • @seaque what are you trying to do? The thread was about removing all the social club ads which has clearly worked based on your screenshot. You can change those images on the loading screen but thats about it. Why do you want them removing as well?

  • @ItsJustCurtis Sorry, i was searching getting old loading screen back and didn't realize this thread is only removing the boxes. I want to get these back. Offline mode works partially but eventually Rockstar needs to validate your game.


  • @seaque If thats the case all you need is to get copies of the images you want, then navigate to mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scaleform_fonted.rpf and change the images in each of the loadingnewsscreenbg[x].ytd files

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