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Add on vehicle spawner script with added Thumbnails :)

  • just like all other scripts like menyoo and ENT where you can spwan in game vehicles by interacting the menu having picture thumbnails.
    So someone could make a script mod where there's a folder in the game where you can put the thumbnails of the vehicles by your own and can view them as thumbnails in the script menu while spwaning them.
    How great that would be!!! :)
    hope someone there to put this in work. Not so hard btw.

  • waiting for someone to code it

  • Just use Menyoo. I mean you won't have pictures, but who gives a shit, as long as you know the name of the car and what it looks like the first time you spawned it.

  • @c0der7 Every time I open the spawn menu in Simple Trainer I wish it had pictures, I have no idea what 95% of the vehicles look like based on their name. I mean in the list I have of spawn names, there are 387 lines of text, which probably equates to around 370 vehicles.

    The biggest part of it all would be getting the images. I could probably write a small script that would run through all the vehicles in a fixed location, display them on screen for a couple of seconds or so. I could record that with Bandicam, use ffmpeg to export a set of still frames from the video and then run a Photoshop action to import/crop/save them all.

    It would help if I could find an up to date list that included all the latest vehicles. I'd certainly find this useful... I do have three mods in active development but I'll give it some thought during any downtime I get. Can't promise anything but it's on a mental sticky-note. :slight_smile:

  • @Frazzlee Spooner is the map building part of Menyoo isn't it?

  • @LeeC2202 well, actually the menyoo already has the feature I was looking for... you can upload a pic of your own model by the carname.png like rs5.png with the resolution of 256x128 in menyooStuff\Graphics\Vehicle Previews
    but didnt worked for me... for now I was facing other issues for with my models so I put that aside.

  • @LeeC2202 spooner can show you every model you like...
    If you want to be a more realistic, use this one.

    this previews the car and you can tune it by previewing the 3d model
    have a look ...

  • @c0der7 This would still be useful for someone like myself though, who doesn't use Menyoo, so I'll probably spend a day on it at least. It's not as if it's a complex mod that's going to require weeks of coding anyway.

    I've just written something that parses the complete vehicles.meta collection (all 44 files) and creates a spawn list and a more verbose vehicle list, so I might as well find some uses for all that data.

  • o boy yes! give it a try... I just seen your profile and im using your on foot cinematic mod. Man! thats great, a movie like cinematic look! Really appreciates your work (Y)

  • @LeeC2202 If you are going to code... dont use the nativeUI its scrolling speed is very slow, one cant scroll all the 300+ vehicles... use nativeUI if you can speed up the scrolling and lower its delay... like the scrolling in the Enhanced Native Trainer...
    second thing is file handling where one can add/edit models names (add thumbnail previews in the next version dont push your self too hard :p )

  • @krashadam well yeah. Im using menyoo for now... some of my models are not correct so menyoo just crashes the game even if i just go to the categories...
    alternatively im using Add on Car Spawner by im not mental...

  • @LeeC2202 If you are going to start the coding I would be very grateful to test/debug. Just let me know when you are going to start...

  • @c0der7 said in Add on vehicle spawner script with added Thumbnails :):

    If you are going to code... dont use the nativeUI its scrolling speed is very slow, one cant scroll all the 300+ vehicles

    I can't really use NativeUI anyway because I use a custom version that I have added my own functions to. I felt it was missing some useful features so I got the source and added them. But I'm so used to using them, designing something that uses NativeUI without them would be hard work.

    Now that I have got access to all the vehicle data, I'm going to spend a while analysing that. See which is the best way to break it down and see what the balance is between class types.

    Instead of using a menu system, I had considered a full-screen scrolling thumbnail viewer instead, where the images are laid out in a grid and you scroll left and right to display a new page of images. Depends on how fast the texture drawing is... I'll try a few ways to make the data as accessible as possible, in a way that looks good as well.

    As far as file handling and name editing goes, that's best done outside the game, so I won't build any of that kind of thing into the in-game stuff. I'll do bits in between my other tasks so we'll see how things go.

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