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OpenIV Team presents Liberty City in GTA V (Teaser trailer 1)

  • Btw don't need to Tag me , i already know everything because i always check GTAForums :P

  • Really cool, If anyone knows any of the lore in GTA IV, apparently a hurricane hit LC sometime before the events of GTA V (taking place in 2012-2013), it would be really neat to have some references to that.

  • I'm pumped but the video looks fake... idk... fingers crossed!! :)

  • Guys, this mod is now officially discontinued...

    On GTAforums there was a new user OpenIV Team announced here that OpenIV team working on Liberty City map mod have to abandon it officially and CANNOT release any version of this map due to new R* official policy about mods, as they no longer allows any import of any R* game's map in GTA V, including from other / older GTA games (NO MATTER if maps are original or modified / altered)! Appears even if there is a ported GTA map for GTA V with alternate modifications and NOT its 100% original variant, seems R* and Take Two will still NOT permit similar mods in any way! :weary:

    So, R.I.P. any mods porting maps from previous / older GTA games into GTA V, like OpenIV's Liberty City, ViceV (GTA ViceCity's map port), SanFierro DLC (San Fierro and LasVenturas port from GTA SA's map), and probably even ViceCry (again a ViceCity map for GTA V, but with more places, interiors and HD textures) won't have chance for any release (most likely). Literally according to new R* and Take Two Interactive's new policies we can now release only custom maps which aren't any direct conversion from any GTA game, nor any other copyrighted games, like Criminal Russia Rage (for GTA IV) and [Indev] Bay Area HD Universe (for GTA V) which are made from scratch. :disappointed:

  • @MobWulff That's a really terrible idea. People would get annoyed that LC has changed and wouldn't understand, and nobody wants a different LC anyway. PLUS this mod is dead :( But you should stop having ideas, for everyone's sake

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