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Create an helicopter patrol with menyoo

  • I want to create a helicopter patrol over aircraft carrier but i don't know how :(
    i have currently this pic :

    alt text

    One day, i want to create a little operation over a village with army against a gang ;) (helicopter, tank and fighters)



    This was one of the first things I wanted for GTA 5, an aircraft routing script, to make flight paths, adjusting speed and altitude, scheduling departures and arrivals...

    I dream some day we will get it :)

  • @DarthPungz i create a patrol with a knighthawk (10 min) and maybe one days there ll be a repeat in task sequence :)


    @Voltrock cool, what I want though is like to schedule regular repeating flights, like tell four f-35s to depart Zancudo each morning at 8 am and fly a route in a formation, then come back to base and land then taxi to a parking space... Send out some coast guard flights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday along the beach front....

  • @DarthPungz
    i hope to have something in menyoo mod to do it.

    But before my project, i ll do a coast guard office with many activities, i just need to have a repeat in sequencer. :(

    After that, it ll be easy to do everything :)

    Fighter in formation, police activities, burning, ...
    zombie in labo humans against army or other with everything ;)


    Maybe Bodyguard Squads can do the trick, you can spawn a squad on a helicopter and make them follow you, for example. You also can order the squad to fly to a certain position or checkpoint, but you can't make a full route with checkpoints :C

  • Just go online and get some mates to do it with you. It'd be a tedious process with mods.
    EDIT: Since it's for a spooner mod, ignore my comment.

  • it s ok, i found ;), i don't want to follow me, not necessary. i want just to do Los santos alive :)
    Military, civil, police and others ;)

    Now, it s very hard to do something, need to have a very good chrono and many times!

    next project :
    -USCG (patrol, emergency, 2 base)
    -Police (patrol, different response and checkpoint moving...)
    -Civil (don't know)
    -Airport (taking off, landing off, move around airport, taxi...)

    And to do some skins maybe :(

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