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[SCRIPT][WIP] Drug Wars


    If you played GTA IV: TBoGT, you might remember that game have a bunch of side missions called "Drug Wars". They are infinite side missions, with random variables, where we have to steal drug from some enemy gang. They are many scenarios, so maybe the drug is just lying somewhere on a certain area but very well protected by the enemies, or it's in a vehicle so you have to steal it... or even can be on a moving vehicle, so prepair an ambush to get it!

    So, with this idea in mind, I want to bring the Drug Wars side quests to Grand Theft Auto V!


    It will take me some time to complete a working version of it, i have a lot of projects in mind (not only GTAV-related stuff) and other mods to update! But first things first. I want to make it work more like the original quests from GTA IV, so the gang and the objective should get randomized. I though about making what I call a "scenario system", so the mod would work with scenarios everybody can make. Each scenario will contain information about where the enemies will spawn, where the drug to collect will be, and so on.

    ATM I'm building the "scenario editor", maybe it wasn't a good idea to begin from there but that's where I began. After it, I'll start with the missions themselves. I still have to think some technical stuff like, how will the missions begin? A checkpoint (like in GTA4), a call, a menu?

    I think this will become something big. Leave your feedback and ideas!

  • Awesome idea.

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