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[SCRIPTS] Tuning Mod from GTA SA for GTA V

  • After using the Object Spooner in Menyoo for a bit, it got me thinking. There was a Tuning Mod Script for GTA SA (Here! by Junior_Djjr) That basically let you create your own custom vehicles from props/parts from other cars/spoilers and bumpers and such, It even had model resizing/scaling which led to some interesting big wings and splitters :P Is it possible to have something similar for GTA V? I was thinking it was possible since Object Spooner had attaching props/models to cars/peds.

    What do you guys think? imo i think it'll be insanely fun, i tried that mod for GTA SA and made some cars worthy of the WTAC

    Apologies if this was brought up already, i tried searching and nothing came up (maybe i didnt look hard enough)

  • @ZaysB dude I know this topic is super old but it would be awesome if someone from the modding world would add tuning parts on Spooner

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