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no icons

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there are any mods that will remove the stock images on the maps, like Michael's house and shops and what not I have searched and couldn't find anything.

    thanks in advance


  • why would you want this? anyways you can try replacing everything from hud.ytd file with a 1x1 blank image
    its somewhere in update.rpf

  • hi thanks for the reply,

    and I will give It a go,

    because I like doing the LSPD missions and feel that the mini map is kinda cluttered and would be nice to have it without them,

    thank you for your input I will give it ago and have a look

  • i had a look at hud.ytd and I cannot find the images for the map icons

    id really like to remove them so I can get fully immersed in some of the amazing mods out there

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