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Mod authors can now immediately unpublish their own mods

  • In the feature poll that I posted a few days ago, this turned out to be the #1 request so I decided to go ahead and do it. Mod authors now have the ability to immediately unpublish their own mods, flagging them for deletion by an administrator. After unpublishing, the mod will still be in the system, but it will only be visible to you and the administrator - all other users will see an error message if they end up getting to the mod page somehow, like from an external link.

    On the mod page, you'll now see a "Delete" link next to where you always had "Edit File", and this will prompt you to provide a reason for deleting that will be shown to the administrator. Just a note, only I can undo this process, so don't go around messing with this feature unless you're really trying to unpublish your file (I'll add this to messaging later just so it's clear) :slight_smile:

    A couple other minor feature notes:

    • URLs posted in the comments section will now automatically become clickable links if the URLs are one of a list of trusted domains that I created. If you'd like to have a domain added to the list, please message me and I'll consider it.
    • I've added new preset avatars from the latest Bikers DLC update


    please add imnotmental.xyz to trusted domain list :)

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