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Is there a way to extend the visibilty range of fire?

  • As a background, I like to play freeroam in a sadistic fashion... and one of my newly found weapons of choice, is fire ammo. My ultimate aim is to create a weapon that does no damage on impact, leaving just the fire to cause the pain. The problem seems to be, that unless the fire is visible, it isn't doing the damage that fire usually does... like making peds writhe around on the ground screaming.

    Or in the case of vehicles, the fire stops damaging the vehicles. I can see this when I set a helicopter on fire and the peds usually catch fire when they try to exit but if it flies far enough away so that the fire disappears, they can exit fine. If you use a rifle with a scope, you can stay zoomed in to keep the fire active and that's what makes me think it's a visibility range thing.

    I have tried searching for effects files, shader files etc... but I can't find anything which determines the visibility range for fire. There is a setting in the gameconfig but that looks like it controls how much fire can be active.

    Does anyone have any idea where I should be looking for this?

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