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  • I have a really good computer and i don't wanna get a virus on it, so i am concerned on whether this site is safe or not.

  • @isthissafe download a good antivirus like ESET antivirus or upgrade to ESET smart security which has a firewall and antivirus and not worry about viruses ever again. And yes this site is safe.

  • thank you

  • @isthissafe All the files are verified by Admin. Don't worry.

  • Funny how 6 hours after i used a mod/trainer from this very site my account totally got hacked. and not to be seen again. Ive had this game since it came out and hadnt had an issue till yesterday after having to reinstall on a new HD. Wanted to bust through a few of the beginning missions. Bad idea.

  • @wallofchaos If you mean with hacked, banned then your fault. No Online mods here. All this people here don't getting hacked from files here. Also the admin runs Modsites for many years and checks every file uploaded on this site. Also how the f*ck you get hacked from a .asi and .ini?

  • @Kwebbl I didnt use it online I know better. besides it blocks online. So no I didnt use it online Heck all I did was give my dude some cash for some gear. Story mode only. Its a very good question how i got hacked. This is the very 1st game ive ever had hacked. Sorry if I am implying too much that its a file involved here but I dont see any other way this could have happened. Guess I'll just drop it. Have a nice day.

  • @Kwebbl The one time I tried the RagePlugin, I ended up with a different email address in my Social Club login box... never trusted that plugin since. Got zero response from that plugin team when I asked the question too. :(

    This site is pretty much the only site that I do trust, but I guess we can't vouch for those plugins hosted outside this site.

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