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Please remove menyoo mods somewhere.

  • How i am daily user who visit this amazing web site (for me its No1), its annoying to see this menyoo mods who arent really mods.
    First Menyoo is awesome trainer, respect to author, but users what create mods like is drunk deers, fyling cows, sticking cars on boat isnt mods for god sake.
    So Dear @Rappo please make something about this "mods", create another section,tab , folder or anything.
    This web site purpose is mods of any kind, but under any kind i mean objects, peds, animals, scripts, maps and vehicles created in 3d programs or in programs for script like is visual basic and etc.

  • @GtaGam3r you should tag Rappo. if its directed to him.

  • @FoxtrotDelta post edited,admin is taged ;)

  • I wholeheartedly agree. I cringe most times I see anything menyoo and vehicle related bc I know it's just two things SMASHED together with no creativity involved. They NEED they're own section or page. Please @Rappo!

  • I'm not going to make a whole section for Menyoo mods. If you think Menyoo-based vehicles belong in the Misc section I can do that

  • Can only agree on this idea. The Menyoo mods are really spamming the whole site.

  • idk @Rappo what is best idea but this mods need to somewhere, you make featured mods, latest, most downloaded,maybe you can make section for this menyoos mods, like 4 photos on end of page, something like Menyoo mods: and 4 photos...or if anyone else have better idea please comment...

  • Actually about 175 of 4750 vehicle mods (4%) are Menyoo-based, and many of those have a high number of downloads. When people see something they don't like, they tell me that these kinds of mods are "spamming the whole site" - it's happened several times already :P I don't understand these kinds of overreactions, but anyway, I'll see what works best. @GtaGam3r your latest suggestion definitely doesn't make sense, as those are not mod categories.

  • i am use to you say my ideas dont have sense lol...seriuosly i dont have better idea...

  • @GtaGam3r Haha yeah it probably only makes sense in Misc. I'll start it with any Menyoo mods released in the future and then move the rest if its goes alright

  • good idea,but will others see that new mods? i mean i dont want to users be f..ked about their menyoo mods but i dont want to site be flooded with them

  • lol... so everybody who doesn't make a certain type of mod is going to ask me to move them somewhere else? I can't win :P

  • @rappo idk i like funny mod ;P but yeah I agree, sometime it's a bit abusiv.
    May you could accept this kind of mod only in a mod pack of at least X " vehicle ", so it will not erase these mod but could maybe reduce their amount and also it will force the modder to work a bit more ;P

  • i never try any menyoo mod,but i bealive they are fun for sure, but thats not mod if you ask me, mods are scripts,vehicles,peds maps, peds and propertys. And its best when they say in description its a mod lol

  • @GtaGam3r @rappo And this is when I started to miss the old function of this site :P
    the old time when u can filter the mods that is shown in the section...
    if u dont like menyoo mods, just filter it XD.
    I forgot why the function is taken off...but it may handle the situation just well

  • @Rjvisser01 I agree some menyoo mods are fun. When you look at some they just slapped 2 cars together lazily and thats it. MY BEAUTIFUL CREATION I JUST ATTACHED A HELICOPTER TO A TANK AND NOW I HAVE A MOD!

  • @Frazzlee Some handling mods go really in depth

  • Remove all mods. That way we'll get rid of those pesky menyoo mods in the process!

  • Make it so that when you click the VEHICLES tab, that there's a drop down bar to help specify what vehicles you want (whether you want a real 3D Chevrolet or a junker car made in Menyoo.) There you go. (Pretty sure this is what will happen, nothing else may work, plus adds advanced searching, too!)

  • @rappo 175? Boy I can already see people complaining about all the helicopters and planes popping up between their precious Lamborghinis and Buagttis... Hehe xD

  • @GtaGam3r I go directly into "latest files see all" amd they show up in there, so no one will miss out on them

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