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I want the old felon back! :(

  • Hi guys,

    sorry for my poor english. I install a car in GTA V but I don't like it anymore.

    I had to replace it for the felon, but I forget to make a backup.

    So I need the old -felon_hi.yft ,-felon.yft , -felon.ytd files :(

    Can someone upload the file? O

  • where is it located

  • Gtav\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf



  • @SonTaylor Are you using a mods folder? If so, just use OpenIV to take it from the original files... i.e. the one not in your mods folder.

  • Wait wait wait... HOLD UP.

    The Felon files are in two places which means only one needs to be replaced: the patchday3ng version. Did you only replace the one in patchday3ng? OR did you just replace both?

    IF you replace only the patchday3ng version, you can extract the files from x64e, and import those files into patchday3ng to get the original model.

    IF you do not like the car, you can easily replace the car with a better one that you like.

  • @Jerry9090

    I replaced it in both folder..

    I just want the "normal" felon back, like playing without mods.

  • Ouch. I really have no solution for you. You can make a backup of your car mods, delete the felon from your backup, valadate from Steam or reinstall from disk, and just reimport your modded cars. Make some backup next time.

    Also you do not have to replace both cars to make the car work. You just have to replace it in patchday3ng. It will work. The one in x64 can be your backup. Good luck.

  • @SonTaylor
    HI, if you still haven't solved your problem, you can try this :

    (don't know if it's allowed to write another gta modding website, if it is, well sorry i'll edit it) @rappo

    there's that french gta website : gtamodding.fr that has a "replaced car" tab, once on that website click on "VEHICULES" (the big car) then chose "VOITURES" on the tab that appeared, once there type felon in the "remplace tab" that is above the cars models, and here comes the boring part, some modders are adding the original files of a car in the car's zip file, well now you'll have to download all the 10+ cars that are replacing the felon and hoping for an original felon file in one of these, that saved my ass so many times, that's the last chance if you really can not find the original files, hope that will help

    for exemple, that one https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lampadati-felon-alltrack has the backup .yft and hi.yft files (no .ytd)

    if you find the 3-4 files, try them only on patchday3ng, they might crash your game because they are maybe from an older or pirated version, if it does crash, simply put back the modded car that you're trying to remove

  • You can also verify your files on the disc version, which avoids a reinstall. On your shortcut, just add -verify on the end, like this:

    "E:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\PlayGTAV.exe" -verify

    I would advise to make a copy of your whole game folder, run the verify, extract the original car files from the verified x64e.rpf and then copy your backed-up files over the new verified files.

    That will get your modded game back up and running. Then you can put the original car files into your modded rpf files to restore the original car.

  • To be honest personally it sounds a little like you do a little back ground checking on how to properly install mods next time watch a youtube video or some thing and for me i found it helpful to not skip through i know most people probably do. So yeh have a nice day and here my comment.

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