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bennys mod

  • Pls each time i enter the benny mod garage it opens but thers nobody there and no modding options

  • @morai It seems to be a problem with the mod itself, atleast a few people have mentioned having problems with the mod in the comment section. If you have a previous version of GTA V on your PC you could try to use that. But if you don't, you'll have to wait for the author to update the mod to work on the newest version

  • @Carrythxd Okay tanks.. but is there any way i can apply a wheel from a wheel addon pack without using bennys mod since it isnt working

  • @morai I believe certain Trainers such as Simple Trainer made by Sjaak327 let's you modify vehicles with Benny's accessories and wheels. I'm not sure if it works with add-on wheels but if the wheel is something that can be accessed via the Benny's Garage mod, it should work with the Trainer as well

  • Okay tanks


    @Carrythxd @morai Not a problem of the mod, some time ago I was thinking the same, and my problem was solved (I'm using latest game update) using a diferent NativeUI.dll file version that what I had on Scripts folder.

    I don't know if this "fix" will work for you, but you can try it, maybe you'll have luck, or not...

  • @Reyser Oh, okay! I thought it was a problem with the mod since other people were mentioning issues with it as well

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