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What is the best way to change weapon icons?

  • Hello, I'm EnergeticSheep and this is my first post on the nicely constructed new forums -

    I've made hundreds of weapon icons along with my good friend, who you may know for creating one of GTA IV's most used weapon icon packs, RollY. These weapon icons serve as placeholder images representing certain weapon mods within GTA V, primarily those of JRidah.

    Although we know of one way to change weapon icons easily (through photoshopping the hud.txd file and replacing the weapon icons) we were wondering whether or not there is any other way to change them individually.

    Thank you in advance,


    As far as using stock GTA V. the way you described is the only way to edit weapon icons. If you use my script mod "Pickups" (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pickups) you can edit each icon individually as well as add new icons for added weapons. You'll notice the Fire Extinguisher has an icon when using the custom Weapon Wheel in Pickups. Normally it does not.

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