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"Boxy/Edgy" Shadows.

  • Sorry, if this is in the wrong section. I'm not sure where I should write that

    To come to the point; lately I'm noticing something kinda ugly on my screenshots. Here are some examples:
    Here in Red
    0_1483484830118_GTA5 2017-01-02 19-32-43.jpg

    And here in green due to the red car :P

    This especially is in nighttime. So that my question, does somebody know how I could fix it? If it's possible.

    I took the screenshots with the following settings:

    • -4x DSR
    • -4x MSAA
    • -FXAA
    • -Ultra reflections w/ 8x reflection MSAA
    • -High Resolution Shadows in Advanced Settings.

    All other setting are maxed out.
    Everythins is disabled in advanced settings, except the High Resolution Shadows.

    I also asked @bur587 And he has the same problem. I think he is playing in 1080p.
    He also said, when he used Crystal Reality, he didn't noticed anything like that.
    So maybe it's a problem of VisualV? I'm not sure but anything would help to fix it. It just looks so damn ugly :)

  • @Kwebbl It usually happens in R* Editor, when you move the camera away from the vehicle, the shadows become low quality.

    But in general gameplay I have no idea why this is happening. Night shadows aren't good as day's.

  • @Akila_Reigns It happens in game with me and my shadows are maxed out.

  • Night time uses volumetric lightning from most of light sources at streets, interiors dont so thats why they dont have such horrible shadows, volumetric lightning is very resource heavy, rockstar made the shadows given under this situation to be casted at medium/low quality with no option to change this to avoid bad performance on average pc hardware.
    Too bar they didnt give high end pcs users a chance to take them up to ultra/high quality.

    Theres no fix, this is how rage engine was set up for V, you will have to wait for a shader developer to do a shader and override the current settings inside the game engine

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