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GTA V map bug?

  • Hi.

    I just noticed those "holes" on the map....

    It s the mods that makes it look like this?


    alt text

  • ofcourse mods
    There are few reasons that might do it:
    1.One archive got corrupted (Try looking in all x64Letter archives and find which one is corrupted , then just copy the original one)
    2.Game is overloaded (Too much mods or something)

  • @Marschall just as @HeySlickThatsMe pointed out. i want to add 2 more possibilities.

    1. your Graphics settings are set way too high as compared to the Hardware of your computer.
    2. The Gameconfig file that you are using is causing this Issue. try a different gameconfig file.

  • File may be missing, file may be corrupt, could be the amount of mods you have, but that's what we're here to figure out.

    1. How many mods do you have installed?

    2. Did you try to alter that file?

    3. PC Specs?

    4. What script mods are you using, and how many of them?

    5. Are you using various cheats at once?

    6. Are you running a cracked/pirated game that's been successfully modded (as seen in the picture)?

    7. What version of the game are you running?

    8. Are you using the mods folder?

  • IMO it could be happening either because of a corrupted rpf, or your PC specs aren't good enough to run GTA V.

    Or installing some kind of a map mod in a pirated version. For an example, putting the mplowrider dlc in an outdated pirated version makes the whole Blaine County disappear.

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