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[REQUEST]The Lost MC... An annoyance...

  • As we ALL know, the LMC are a bloody crime gang.
    And, as a good criminal, you want to get rid of'um.
    However, shooting the pests results in a 2 star offense.
    Which is not that logical: since when is shooting a thing less than a rat an offence?
    It is like killing a lice, and get a 5 star offense.

    Now, where can I alter this that killing an LMC is not a felony?

    Thank you aforehand...

  • Looks like Trevor Phillips managed to create an account here. :laughing:

  • @Akila_Reigns Man, seriously...
    Why did you have to do that???

    I was hoping to stay anonymous... Now I have to kill everyone. sigh

  • @Sammy1970 sammy1970 nice try Trevor, you got Busted!

  • Dang... Oh well...
    *shots a good syringe speed, then takes his .50 Raging Bull..."
    Time to get to work.

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