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Need Some Help!

  • Heloo guys, my name is Andrew and i am a very beginner. Yesterday i installed GtaV for first time and i put there all scrips, openvi, addonpeds ...
    My problem is I can not customize my enemies. I saw in a video somebody create Hulk enemy and then Venom apear. How can i create what enmy i want and how can i put what powers i want to my enemies ?
    Please help me i am a newbie. THX!alt text

  • @SpawnENEMY I haven't used this script, but I'm guessing you'd need a mod that replaces Franklin with Venom, for example.

  • I can`t find such a mod... or i do not know how to search. For the Flash mod menu have spawn enemy and from there you can chose Flash, reverse flash, zoom - is very COOL!

    I found this script enemy/ally feautures but is not working https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/addonpeds-enemy-ally-feature-lua

  • Please present exactly how you have it installed (screenshots would maybe help more.)

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