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Willing to pay$$$for a Lip Movement Mod

  • Don't link me @jedijosh920 Lip Movement Mod. It's broken, and he's too much of a shit guy to fix it.
    Even if someone could jack his script and fix it for everyone, that be great - I'll pay you.

  • @House-Rushton please don't post offensive Comments about any community Members Especially Hard working Mod Author's. you have the right to express your opinion, but offensive Comments, are always discouraged. Secondly, no one Can "Jack His Script" & Re-upload his Work, without His Permission. Give Respect and Have Respect. :flag_ca:

  • @FoxtrotDelta off topic, but your reply is hilarious XD "jack his script" loooool

  • @PandaPasta that's what he wrote! not me :P

  • @House-Rushton Be careful Lspd don't like scriptjacking ,they might shoot you like 500 times. You can still hide yourself in paleto bay for the next 20 years . DOn't toucH the scripts .

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