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[Script] Update Benny's Garage mod

  • Could someone please make an updated version of Benny's Garage mod by Guadmaz? There are plenty of new vehicles that were added in the latest DLC. Also, I like realism in the game so I'd prefer going to Benny's Garage instead of using a trainer to customize cars.

  • Couldn't you just ask Guadmaz to update it? people can't just update another persons mod.

  • @Matty_T_98 a lot of people are having problems and are asking for updates, but Guadmaz didn't reply to any of them so I can assume that he is inactive. That's is why I am asking the community because (if Guadmaz gives them permission) can bring an update so nobody will have these problems, and everyone will be happy.

  • @PandaPasta Ah. Hope all works out. That's one thing I can't stand is when someone goes inactive without saying anything. Why bother modding if you are just going to ignore the community?

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