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Editing .ymt files for ped variations

  • @LeeC2202 wuuttt u can read .odd files too? i guess i missed all that, damn...

  • @rekram That's why it was so easy. Export it all, make the copies and rename them, add the entry to the odd file and when you import it back through OpenIV, it creates the new version with all the additions. Then you just add the required textures.

    I mean I failed big style when trying to do anything model wise but this was a 5 minute fix.

  • @LeeC2202 So...if i try to add an earpierce to my ped Enhanced LSPD Cop as a beard component and i want it to act like an accs bones act. would it work? i would need to enable beard component at ymt too..

  • @rekram I honestly don't know. All I have done is copied this uppr component on this ped and stripped out some invalid parts on another ped. My experience with ped editing is minimal.

    I mean, if I was to guess, I would say that you would need to enable the beard component, which would move all the other numbers up by 1 that are after it and then add the new section in the ymt structure. But that is purely a guess... I don't know what it would mean for the ytd files though as I presume you would need to add textures into there as well.

    But as it's so quick to do, it's the kind of thing you can experiment with. There's no model editing/importing/exporting, it's just file copying and text editing.

  • @LeeC2202 Yep, i will try that, ive been trying to add an earpierce to my ped and the only posibility was replacing an existing component, which i didnt want. If i can get to work beard or jbib and enable them it will be amazing. Do you know why the textures hashes have value "255" ...if 225 means disabled..then it doesnt make sense to be used in the the textures hashes values. :thinking:

  • @rekram The 255 values mark the drawable component as disabled, or missing as is more the case.

    Ah, I see where you mean, in this:

              <texId value="1" />
              <hash_36896D17 value="255" />

    Not sure, it might not mean the same thing in there.

  • @LeeC2202 Yep...but at the textures hashes section...255 values mean another thing tho...because the textures arent disabled/missing.

    anyway, i would be gratefull if i can keep in touch through discord...if thats a thing you actually use :smiley:

    my user: RekRam#5216

  • @rekram 255 or FF is quite often just used as a null or not-used value, simply because it's usually out of the range of valid numbers. You can't use 0 as that's where programming numbers start from, so they choose the extreme opposite instead.

    So it could just mean "Ignore this value" rather than it mean the texture is missing.

    I don't use discord or any of those kinds of services... I'm not much for communicating really, so this forum is the only place I talk with people.

  • @LeeC2202 Alright, its fine :slight_smile:

    In case i get this to work i will let you know. Also..i guess you alreaady experimented with textures liveries...my released ped has more liveries enabled than the original cop ped. :wink:

  • @rekram Yeah, please do post back with any more information. I probably won't be doing much more with ped editing as my attempt to convert a model failed so badly but I am always interested to hear from people who are making progress in new areas.

    This idea with the t-shirt all came from an idea to create a shiny, cracked transfer on the front of the t-shirt, so I wanted a new set of textures to work with, so I had a unique spec map. Now that I have done that, I'm happy... :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 So it overall does work, I added some additional code. The problem was fixed with an openformats export/import. Thanks.

  • Sorry for bumping but does any1 know whats the Hash for Props? (Helmets , Hats , Glasses , Ears)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe im curious for this as well specifically looking for the hats section. did you ever get it figured out?

  • @brighteyedeas I never got into that but i found that there's another section which might lead to the props , its in the end of .ymt

  • @HeySlickThatsMe what are you trying to do bro? I find working with hats, glasses ect is easier to work with than clothes

  • @LDNENG Hey I have the same problem, I can edit YMT files for clothes etc... However I want to have more hats on my ped, but dont know where to locate the HATS section

  • I am trying to edit a ped so I can add more of the decals, and accessory, but I come up es like vests. I have for the life of me tried to figure it out on my own, but I cant seem to figure it out. Does anyone know what the ped hash is for the accessories, and the decals?


  • @Greg_H said in Editing .ymt files for ped variations:

    but I come up es like vests

    "es like vests". How do you live bro, just how, LOL.

  • @Greg_H Send me a pm with what you need added and ill happily help you. I feel a lot more comfortable editing them now.

    alt text

  • Hi i just saw this topic however i need some help i cant figure out how to add in one slot for task_000_uni

  • I want to be able to make ADD ON pedestrians, there is this model that I have been wanting to work on myself and publish to open public here because its such a fabulous character, but im not familiar with any of these tools at all. Just having fun with things like any other blogger.

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