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Editing .ymt files for ped variations

  • @LeeC2202 not sure if i done it correctly but i want to try it. when i try to compile it again in the meta tool it just crashes lol

  • @LeeC2202 https://postimg.org/image/f3uhh238l/ the game starts but LOL something is wrong

  • @LDNENG Bind your model components with the issue to the skeleton from the original Zmodeler3 saved file, not reimport caus sure, the weights are damaged.

  • @Rarefacer im not sure how to do that bro?

  • @LDNENG Check the 3:20 - 3:31

  • @Rarefacer Thanks bro im a total noob but trying to learn.

  • @LDNENG All of us start in that way, relax. If not works this fix, stay sure you are using the same skeleton yft for the ped skinning and for the yft file in OpenIV.

    Not all ped skeletons are the same, for that reasson when are different, rigging issues can appear, specially when are mixed components from different peds and in that case, is necessary copy weights from the main ped and then, add the new component to its hierarchy replacing and unlinking the original component mesh.

  • @Rarefacer ok thanks man, just pissed me off a little how rockstar could have easily put bandanas on other gangs apart from aztecas but decided not to. I dont like certain things they have done it just doesnt make sense even the hidden female gang members lol

  • @LeeC2202 But does it still work ingame? I do not believe that it is just as simple as adding a single <ITEM>. There are still some parts in the code that needs editing. I believe that this require adding an item in <hash_23532A3B>. Also, I use Zmodeler to edit my models.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nailbiter @LeeC2202 Apparently, that is this ped edit method without to use any 3D software:

    ...was deleted the asking post...

  • @Rarefacer Yeah, I used no model editing software to add the new drawable component to the Vagos female, so it would be the same as that.

    When I looked at how the files were being imported in, it just seemed logical that if I gave it a duplicate of an existing part, with the names modified, it should accept it... and it did.

    Then just a slight modification of the ymt file to cater for that duplication and it all worked fine.

    Edit: Yeah, the post I deleted was not completely correct, so it seemed best to remove it.

  • @Nailbiter This is the only change required to the ymt file, you can see the comparison between the original (right side) and the new file (left side). That is all enclosed inside that single <Item> section.


    And here are the 3 drawables in-game, with the different textures. You can see it says Drawable (3) on my Ped spawner menu. You can also see that I forgot to give the middle one her body back... I forgot that she has an additional drawable component to go with that outfit under Auxiliary Parts for Torso.. :D


  • @LeeC2202 and how is the .skel working on that new component? doesnt it require previous rigging? How is that new uppr component is linked to the original uppr .skel bones?

  • @rekram It's simply a copy of existing data, it's already rigged.

  • @LeeC2202 and u used the same .odr file (uppr_00X) ? or you created a new one?

  • @rekram I copied uppr_000 and then renamed the copy to uppr_002

  • @LeeC2202 If thats the only thing u did then is correct. Because Each specific .odr is linked to a specific folder name. That means that if you make a copy of uppr 000.odr and rename it to uppr 002.odr you will get the new mesh but it wont read a new uppr 002 folder. It will read the uppr 000 folder. I was asking you because i tried making copies with odr. months before.

  • @rekram I didn't just copy that one file. I copied anything that related to uppr_000 and then renamed all references to uppr_002.

    So all the mesh files in the new uppr_002_r.folder for instance are renamed to uppr_002_r_high.mesh etc... In the uppr_002_r.odr, it says uppr_002_r\uppr_002_r_high.mesh 0

    What I seem to have missed though, is the DiffuseSampler uppr_diff_000_a_whi, that's still pointing to the shader used for the original uppr_000 component. But that shouldn't really matter as the shaders are the same, it's just the textures that are changed.

  • @LeeC2202 As i already said..the odr. will still pick up the uppr 000 meshes or the one you made a copy of. Its written on the odr. itself. I already tried this once. And thats why its not taking its own shader....the problem of adding new parts through open formats is that the odr needs to be linked to the .skel in first place, so you cant add a totally new one (not a copy from an existing one) unless u work the model through zmodeler3.
    Try adding another different part from another ped and rename to uppr 002, place the meshes into the uppr 002 folder and you will see it wont show the new mesh, it will show the uppr 000 mesh.

  • This might show it better.


  • @LeeC2202 wait what???? u can open .odr files now with the same tool for ymt?

  • @rekram I just exported the model in OpenFormats. They're all just text files.

  • @LeeC2202 Yes...u meant the .ydd? U get odd. , .skel and .odr files when exporting as open format. you can read .odr files ? I never tried to open .odr files. :smile:

  • @rekram Yep, you can read them all... here's the odd file.

    Version 165 30

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