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Problem with addon cars

  • I have a problem i can only have one addon car at a time. Ive been searching for two days now for a solution i tried the game config thing still with no luck when i do that it says out memory reboot and try again or whatever but if i just add a second car without changing the game config file it just crashes like normal i can get the second car to work if i remove the first car. But i dont wanna have to do that everytime i play the game.

  • Tried the memory error fix i saw online and still nothing. Anybody else having this issue or know of a way to fix it

  • I have have the the enhanced native trainer so i could spawn the cars by name i had the one you provided and couldnt figure out how to spawn by name for the addon cars

  • @Kenny93 Installing this solved a similar problem for me. try it.
    and please let us know. if it works.

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