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Mask Combinations?

  • would it be hard for someone to make a mod that basically fuses two or more in-game masks together. i enjoy the american rock group slipknot, and i've been trying to see if anybody has made masks from the bands past. or if a mod that can again, combine two or more masks. Help would be much appreciated, for i don't have a pc yet, and am trying to build one actually. cheers to whoever can help!

  • Hello Unicorn3acon

    This is not an easy task. The only way that I can think of is to 3d attach/combine it. This requires a 3d modeling program called Zmodeler.

    The other possible way is to convert the mask into a hat so you can wear the hat and the mask at the same time in a game trainer. All mods here are for PC only.

    Also something to keep in mind. Get the new 1080. Or get a great GPU. Gta V is known to have issues with the FPS with mods.

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