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[Script]-[Port] of this Menu or a "inspired" Menu

  • I have a request for a port of this trainer to script hook/.net because for me and probably other people, this trainer bridged the gap between keypresses for mods, menu, and actions by being implemented into this menu and easier for controller gameplay with no interference with the games vanilla controls at all and with using it, there was no need for xpadder, joy2key etc...

    If someone could duplicate this trainer it could become a top tier requirement for mods in the future near essential in my opinion because I prefer to the start the game without any backgrounds apps and only use the xbox 360 controller for all my actions and mods, and with this trainer I implemented Emotes menu ( J key press trainer auto closed) LSPDFR ( various menus and actions, police radio) and can be used for a lot more mods that are out since most of them once after the keyboard press to enter the menu or menus for the mod has support for controllers once in menu. The most recent uploads for example like Gang Mod and Simple Zombies ( activating the zombie menu since once in menu controller support is there).

    (Had the wrong link, linked at first. Above is the menu I speak of.)

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