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Swat and Military/Marines/BlackOps variation (Battlefield 4, Modern Warfare 2/3, Hardline, Modern Warfare Remastered, etc.)

  • Hey guys, I really like the skin mods out so far (thanks a lot jr59!). But what me annoys the most is the fact, that "s_m_y_swat_01" only allows one model, so that you will have a clone-swat, if you change their skin with the US Assault from Battlefield 4 for instance.

    So, is there any chance to make the swat more diversive by adding a "s_m_y_swat_02"-file for example?

    1. Option:
      Just Adding the heads of the others units in the pack (US engineer, US support, US recon) to the body of the US Assault/engineer from Battlefield 4 (if that is possible, first I am going to ask jr59 for his permission of course!).

    2 ) Option:
    What if you use the s_m_y_cop_01 or the s_m_y_marine_03 model instead of the original gta 5 s_m_y_swat_01 model? Because Cop_01 and Marine_03 contain 2 or 3 different looks each; with diffferent heads, acceccories etc. So you could use this models, and just rename the .ydd, .yft, .ymt and .ytd-files back to s_m_y_swat_01.ydd or to whichever unit you like?

    This method worked for GTA 4
    (Thanks to ac.amir and BroCop, I had so much fun with this unit in GTA 4!):


    or better:


    By adding this (great!) GIGN models to the game swat file (which is in GTA 4 as well just one model as far as I remember it correctly), all 5 or 6 different variations show up!

    So, maybe there is a chance...I would even willing to pay for it.

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