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Set Ped Relationship! (Menyoo)

  • I spawned peds with the Menyoo and set their relationship to Neutral and later Enemies, both having no effects at all! I just want them to shoot back like gang members do. @krashadam told me to set their Mood to e.g. Ballas but I can't find such option anywhere... Everything I get is Friends, Neutral and Enemies. Do I have to enable Task Sequence? Please help!

  • @Eyon " ballas " is a relation ship of map editor, you will not find that in menyoo ;)

  • Try setting it to SPOONER_ENEMIES, saving to a spooner file, then editing the spooner xml file and replacing SPOONER_ENEMIES with BALLAS.

  • @MAFINS Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately there is no "SPOONER_ENEMIES" in the xml file, all I could find related to relationships was: <RelationshipGroupAltered>true</RelationshipGroupAltered>

    And yes, I set their relationship to SPOONER_ENEMIES before saving the file... I don't know what else to do please help me!

  • <RelationshipGroupAltered>true</RelationshipGroupAltered>

  • Thanks, I'll try, but how did you find the relationship id? I'd make some great use of them! By the way your trainer is purely amazing, been looking into so many and I finally found the one I need!

  • Nope not working...

  • @MAFINS Maybe I have to enable task sequence or I don't know. I edited as you wrote and still they don't shoot back, I gave them automatic rifles though...

  • @Eyon I just remembered it was part of Map Editor (as said by @Shaezbreizh). It has to be enemies. I can't remember what it was, but if it says something like "hate", or "enemies" as a relationship option, one of those 2 should be. To avoid damaging your map, save yours, create a new one, then test which relationships do what, and keep memory of what they do. I haven't worked with Menyoo Spooner much, but it's been improving, almost as good as map editor, both the 2 make great teamwork.

  • @krashadam Yeah I meant I did that I made a test map, spawned some peds, gave them weapons, set their relationships and I tried all of them, nothing worked. I edited them in the xml file and it's the same... And by the way I'm very experienced in Map Editor and I have done relation editing with it before. Just Menyoo's spooner is a little more detailed and comfortable in my opinion as you have acces to more animations, attachment, damage overlays even saves custom ped textures. No offense to Guadmaz he's one of my favourive modders I respect and enjoy his great work! Only thing I can't get done in Menyoo is this relationship thing... I just need help!

  • @Eyon what you want seems to be two neutral relationship ( ballas suppose groove and are neutral to player till he attack them but they're enemy between them) wich from memory menyoo don't provide (he only have menyoo neutral) and for map editor, you need to press enter key to active a weapon/relation/anim etc

    @MAFINS I've few suggestion to improve your object spooner if you've time to chat with me ;)

  • Maybe!

  • @Eyon Map Editor should have a list that you can add files to. As for Menyoo, I haven't used it in a while. If I boot GTA 5 and I end up looking at it, I'll check the moods and write a list.

    Also try giving them weapons, and make sure that you don't have moods disabled.

  • @krashadam Thank you!

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