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Can't use scripthook to mod in money when i go into solo session.

  • So before the new update i modded in 20mil to have fun with the upcoming update, not a smart thing but I didn't realize how stupid that was at the time. Got banned and all the money was lost. I come back after my ban ends and try to get like 2mil which is far more sensible but scripthook needs some new things to work. I download them and get them to work in singleplayer but when I try to go into solo session the game crashes. What do I do?

  • Hello Lazytophat

    Do not talk about online cheating. Take this somewhere else. Most mods in Gta V will not work online. It would be most likely illegal/not allowed if a mod does work online. The scripthook mods are not allowed at all online. They can induce cheating, scams, hacks, and unfair game-play.

    Thank you.

  • GTA Online modding is strictly forbidden.

    Locking this.

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