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Will I get banned if ...

  • Will I get banned if I use car mods in GTA V online?

    *sorry newbie here and really tempted download all of the awesome cars mod created in this site

  • @nikibanzai Nobody here can say for certain. Just disable all your mods before going online if you're worried about being banned.

  • @rappo tbh I haven't downloaded any mods before, and the only thing I want to try is car mods only, but if I go online with it installed, will I get banned for it? because I saw a video of someone did that, and basically their friends also have the exact same mods, went online, and survived?

  • @nikibanzai Like I said, you can risk it if you want. The only 100% safe way to not get banned for modding is to not go online with mods installed. You can use the OpenIV mods folder feature to separate mods from your original game files.

  • @nikibanzai Rockstar Games uses an advanced algorithm and integrity test on files now, ever since biker dlc. so , even if you change one full stop dot. in any game files. or of any game file is greater in size or smaller in size, no matter how small a change is, you can Get banned within next 5 days. they even run tests on your running Memory for errors and mismatched enteries. once errors are found your account is automatically Flagged by your own computer. and when they have a look at the flagged account and the type of flag. you can get banned easily. so never go online with modded gta 5.

    always keep two copies of gta 5. one for online and one for modded single player.

  • Just remove ScriptHookV and any asi mods from your gta v directory (keep dinput8 and OpenIV) and make sure you don't have any ADD-ON vehicle mods installed. You should be good.

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