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Vihicle:ramp car

  • I want ramp car like in the emport new dlc,or ff6 style plz help ill will love that car so much

  • @Gtavgamer If you have the DLC containing that car (which you should have if your game has been updated), you can spawn it with a trainer.

  • whats the spawining name or how i found it?

  • @Gtavgamer I had a file with the names in but I think I have deleted it, it's in-game name is "Ramp Buggy"... ah, either dune4 or dune5 should spawn them.

    Edit: I should have added how I found them. Run OpenIV, go to:


    If you double-click any of the .yft files, it will open the model in the model viewer. When you find the one you want, use that model name to spawn it.

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