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[SCRIPT Plane(boat) crash survivor

  • Yop,
    Since it's now possible to map some nice island, I was wandering if any scripter would mind to do a survival script where player would wake up on beach or on in sea after a catastroph scenario
    then he will have to survive X day before help come Or make a craftable boat that take time to build in order to escape the island.
    for this he could cut wood, loot stone, find water/food, build a camp, etc etc
    a bit like stranded deep, the forest or other game of this kind

    Could brind a new gameplay to the game would be really fun if that possible ;P

    Also, since it's now ez to map island we could do a lot of different island biome/scenario etc.
    with different difficulty, objectif, etc

    I just hope some one will be able to script that would be so great !
    (may I can help on the map part too if scripter need ;)

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