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Aircraft Carrier (Full Interior/Map Object)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA @FoxtrotDelta @Oskar
    This is obviously a stupid request, but could someone convert this aircraft carrier as a map object to supplement or replace the current one? http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/uss-reagan-cutaway-aircraft-carrier-3d-obj/760262
    alt text
    While all together it seems to be of a pretty high poly count, the individual components seem to be of lower quality.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 ( My god 1.000 $ :O ) IS good model ;) more is much poly....


    more I can add model BF4 or BF3 model version ( USS nimitz )

  • @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA It is the same one you sent me earlier and then I remembered that I bought this model for a 3D modeling, animation, & rendering class a while back, and I thought that it would be a great addition to GTA V. It comes in multiple parts so we should only need LODs for the exterior and perhaps the hangar bay. I'm not sure if there is a poly limit for map objects.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 hum ok , you can me Send the template to work ?

  • @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA Getting the carrier is the hard part. Since I no longer have the model, I'd have to redownload it, but I bought it on an account I no longer have the information for (Username/Password/Associated email account), so I'd have to dig up an old [paper] receipt and then figure out the email address, the username, password, etc. It is a hassle, which is why I want to know if it can be done. It would take at least a day to get all this done, and I have to work tomorrow & Sunday, plus I have a lot of classwork that needs to be done. But I'll try and get it.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 hum ok friend ! more is good model ( future map ) =D

  • @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA You think it will work? No poly limitations?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 we have to try =D

  • @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA Okay. I'll see if I can find my old account info.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 from what i can see, the poly count is way high, i doubt zmodeler 3 could work properly with this, one can try ofcourse, by keeping the carrier spilt into multiple parts, inside the chassis dummy. it could work. but the textures don't seem gta friendly to me.

    it can be done , but it can be huge project. a time consuming one.

  • Well, so far no "real" map mods can be done, only props. But OpenIV should soon support map mods (like the Liberty City map that the team has presented). I believe that those maps can then be done with OpenIV, 3dsmax and... idk. Plus, for maps I don't think the polycount is that... uh... important, since it can be split however you want to (like you said). Hell, even the default carrier is split into multiple parts.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak @FoxtrotDelta @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA That's what I thought, and according to the item description, the model is split up into multiple parts. I think that the hardest - or at least the most time consuming - part will be adding collisions and assigning materials (if you do that). After all, a Nimitz class carrier has over 2,000 compartments. I also figured it would have to be a team project due to the massive size. So I guess the real question is, are y'all interested in this?

    EDIT: It might also need some modeling work. Not much, though.

  • If we would add in the carrier as a prop, we could make it move around the map.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 usually when a mod, has too many people involved, it can have two results, either it can be Super Awesome. or it could be a huge disappointment.

    with that in mind, i don't want to take the front seat on this, i can and shall support , its making, Split the work load, give me my share, & i'll have it done , in a timely manner.

    when i had no clue how to create mods for gta 5, and had no clue what zmodeler 3 was, back in march 2016, i always wanted to work with, @SkylineGTRFreak on some project, to contribute some how. but later, i went on and started my own thing.

    If this is my chance of teaming up with him on a project, then it's a yes from me. i'll let you all decide. especially @SkylineGTRFreak

  • @Oskar If we made it a prop, could we still add lights and whatnot? (rotating radar arrays, etc.) And, are you interested in this project?

  • @FoxtrotDelta It can also end up being a headache, like the Nathan James mod.

  • @FoxtrotDelta But... I also don't think that we are doing anything "new", like the Nathan James, this is just really, really, REALLY big. (Which, I guess, is "new")

  • @nathanjamesddg151 i believe nathanjames was and is different. as the main author was only 1 @SkylineGTRFreak from the begining, and there was a huge problem of, no armed boats back then, or such a possibility. so that was the reason of the headache, not the authors or people working on it.

    that has now changed, there are new possiblities now. ever since import/export dlc.

  • @FoxtrotDelta yeah, but then there is the issue of sound. Also, here's the item description. Note the last paragraph. We can "cut and paste" various decks together, but we will have to add hatches. Can we add hatches, lights, sounds, radar dishes, etc. to props? If so, how many?

    Some years back, I produced a highly detailed model of the USS Reagan for the Virginia Air and Space Center and Popular Mechanics Magazine. The ship itself, was undergoing its 'Tiger Cruise' and the cutaway was reviewed by senior ship's staff. The image was printed in Popular Mechanics and a 21 foot long version is on display at The Virginia Air and Space Center. The model here, is the model used to produce that cutaway work.
    It is a highly detailed model of the exterior and interior of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier from plans.

    This model contains 3 parts and each is quite large:

    • There is a complete 'skinned' model similar to the other aircraft carriers you'll find here at Turbosquid and identical to my original model post - Product ID 240552 . One of the first, high resolution models of the Aircraft Carrier, CVN-76, the U.S.S. Reagan.

    • Additionally, you get a cutaway and interior deck structure of the superstructure (The Island Tower) above the Flight Deck.

    • The third model you get is the cutaway and interior deck structures of the various decks below the Flight Deck.

    The deck structure is continuous throughout the ship (see previews) and is correct from Nimitz Class plans. The areas visible in the original cutaway are populated with models consistent with that compartment's use. The reactor rooms and engine area are, of course Top Secret and the models supplied there, are based on a similar generic, Westinghouse design. It's a 'best guess' in those areas.


    • High resolution models of the carrier externals, and internal deck structures - everything you see except the full aircraft complement
    • A stowed and ready version of the F18 for populating the deck and hangar are included. The deck crane and some handling equipment is also included.
    • The fit-out in the areas shown in the previews of the cutaway are also included.

    The models consist of about 60 layers of models representing various decks and important areas as well as parts that may be useful on their own layer. In the OBJ model, these are 'parts.'

    All the models were produced for very high resolution display and the model is very detailed as you can see from the previews. The model was originally created in Lightwave as 'quads' but is a mix of quads and trigons in this version and the OBJ version has been tripled.

    All 3 models are full size and will load in 'position' so you can cut and paste decks from one version directly into another. This allows you to add full internal tower decks to the existing external carrier model. The deck and compartmentalization is 'in' but you will have to cut hatchways into the floorplans to do a walkthrough.

  • It also occurs to me that we can take parts from this carrier and add them to the Nathan James.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 indeed, the interior parts seem to be a good bet for the james.

    Problem here is: I'm not really experienced with 3DsMax and GTA modding. WHat I mean by that is: I'm not experienced with it at all.

    edit: about props: lights should work, but rotating parts... hm, I don't think so. The OpenIV doesn't have rotating map items figured out either (like the airport radar)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Isn't there a tool kit you can use? I mean, you can use 3DS Max, right? Isn't it just a matter of learning how to use said tools? Then again, I doubt you have the time for that...

  • @nathanjamesddg151 with that much details, 3ds max is a must. you need someone, who has 3ds max knowledge n experience plus map modding. i know nothing as well

  • @FoxtrotDelta Well that sucks. I guess the carrier is a no-go then.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 With a script it's possible to make rotating radars. Idk how smooth it would look but it's possible.

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