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Cargo Plane Mod

  • I would like to install the Cargo Plane Mod but it does not work I installed everything, and what had to be done in the GTA V folder. I tried it again 3 times but it does not work , can someone help me. I have an MSI i5 computer and have him only three months.

  • @bohawinkels Tell us exactly what steps you did to try and install it and we can then try and work out what you might have done wrong. Until then, we have no idea what part of it didn't work.

  • I have followed every step and installed every thing but it doesn't work Tomorrow I'm going to delete everything and installed it again. GTA V and the other is going installed again. I hope it wil work tomorrow.(I'm from The Netherland so my English is not very good, sorry)

  • @bohawinkels Have a read through this thread to make sure you are creating the mods folder correctly and have installed all the required software, like OpenIV, ScriptHookV etc...


    Go through each step slowly to make sure everything is okay. If you are still having problems after doing that, then add more information to this question and if I don't answer, someone else will.

    And your English is excellent, you have nothing to apologise for.

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