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[Request] For Tutorial

  • [Request] For Tutorial

    Could someone please Create a tutorial on how to dirt map in zmodeler 3 and how to Map Burn textures? please!! i haven't found a tutorial yet. if you know one, or could make one. it could be very Useful, thank you in Advance!


    @FoxtrotDelta steps are really easy for dirt mapping the paint material of the car use vehicle generic paint1 the on the material textures use this :

    • detail : vehicle_generic_smallspecmap
    • masc : vehicle_geniricmud_car
    • specmap: vehicle_generic_smallspecmap(those textures could be find from vehshare.ytd)

    now for dirt mapping select all car and switch to polygons then go to select by material and select the [PAINT:1] material you will see the paint of the car selected only.
    pick one selected poly and right clique mapping > edit UVmap

    on the popup window of mapping follow this :

    • Edit Uv chanel map # 2
      *select "Generate new"
    • deselect "continues mesh surface"
    • copy from chanel # 1 (leave it as 1 value)
      then clique OK and wait until the progress finnished
      now chose any window of zm3 liek 3D vew change it to uv-mapper from the bottum clique on material and chose the paint1 material
      and go back with object view instad of polygons view then go to structure enable dirt and dust, so that let you select the mapped car part in uv mapper and start scaling and rotating th mapped parts to get the perfect dirt effect

    that the best detailed tutorial you can ever have :)

  • @Faysal Thanks! everything is clear except for Copy from Chanel#1 , what does that mean? Thanks alot for a detailed explanation.!

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