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[Reference] Vehicle files (On-hold)


    Hahaha you poor man you.

    'Marcus Brody' in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, forgot which scene. But it sprang to mind with this whole modkit business

  • @ReNNie :D On a positive note, I've got myself a really useful search tool out of this, which will make finding values in the game text files much easier.

    I can filter by file type, filter by partial filename, get a list of every file/line the search text appears on, then double-clicking that entry in the list opens Notepad++ up at that line in the file.

    But it is showing me that something is very wrong and I'm just not sure what files contain the values the game says it is using.

    Edit: I should add that it's not the contents of this image that are what is wrong... that was probably confusing. :(

    alt text

    Just updated the image with a couple of changes, spacing between each new file, auto-aligned headers and a monospaced font.

  • @Reyser Are you able to offer any possible insight into why I am getting modkit IDs in-game, that don't appear to be assigned to that vehicle in any of the data files? Are there some file types that I am missing beyond the carcols and carvatiations for assigning IDs?

    I apologise for tagging you, I really don't like doing that unless I am absolutely out of ideas and after several days, I pretty much am. :(


    @LeeC2202 As I know, there are not more modkit ID's in other game files beyond carvariations and carcols files, unless your program gives you wrong ID's from the same carcols files.

    I have searched for more carcols.ymt files, and I've found one in x64a.rpf that maybe you didn't know it exists. I don't think your program's able to open and read it, but well...

  • @Reyser Hmmm, it's things like that faction2 I listed in the image a few posts up. I have searched every text file for the value "144" and it never appears with that vehicle. In fact, out of 249 meta files, "144" only appears 3 times.

    But using the native that returns the modkit ID, I get 144, so something must be assigning it, I just have no idea what and where.

    If I search for 144_ I get that 6 times and that's always with the trophytruck. So either ID's are shared in the game somehow, or I'm missing some info.

    It's really frustrating because this is the stumbling block between not only creating a final version of this text file but also from making the tool that can build the addon data automatically.

    Edit, I should add that I have 3 carcols.xml files which I presume were converted from the internal carcols.ymt files... I think you gave me the info about those, from the OpenIV team I think they were.


    @LeeC2202 I'm still thinking that some modkit ID's are shared, because sometimes if you use an X ID for just 1 car, it works well, but if you use the same value for another one, the tuning from the first stops working, or both works well. Yes, it's really frustrating... :confused: :gun:

  • @Reyser This is an interesting line from GTAModding:

    "Carcols controls vehicle colors(?), mod kits, and lights. This file isn't for assigning these things to particular vehicles, for that see carvariations.ymt."

    So that makes it sound like carcols just creates the kits and IDs and then carvariations assigns them to the vehicles. I can't remember if you've already told me that or not...

    I'll shuffle how the tool handles those two file types and see what difference that makes... although even if that's the case though, it doesn't explain numbers that simply don't exist in the files.


    @LeeC2202 Vehicles colors are defined in carvariations.meta, every <colors> tag content have the RGB code colors (from 0 to 255 max each value) desired and stablished by Rockstar.

    I'm in doubt if the first ID (the shared by both files) is the designed to a car or to the modkit, but it seems to be the used by the vehicle, otherwise it couldn't use any of the colors assigned.

  • I have updated the first comment on this and changed the title to reflect the current status. I feel like I am fighting an unwinnable battle with this, so I am just going to switch my attentions for a short while and then try and get this documentation back on track.

    It's not an abandoned project but I just need something a bit more productive for a short while, to get my mind back on track. Someone peaked my interest with a camera related task and I just can't resist that kind of thing. :slight_smile:

    So I will be back... and soon.


    @LeeC2202 tried sending a chat but you restricted it. Would like to discuss a gripe in an existing car spawn menu - mod. Maybe that's something that rocks your boat too. Cheers.

  • @ReNNie Ah, yeah sorry, I get all sorts of random chats as well as civilised ones but I am trying to get my head back into being productive, so I just wanted to lock things down for a while. It's hard trying to find the balance between being anti-social and productive, sometimes i just have to force the issue onto the unpopular side of the line, to get things done.

    I''ve not abandoned this thread as it's still something I want to resolve to fulfill my plan of building an automated addon-creation tool. So by all means either post more comments on here, or if you feel they are better suited in an alternate existing topic, drop a tag for me and I'll pop by. :)

  • onde posso conseguir o link de download para esse progama ? GTAV Vehicle Data Extractor (C) 2016 Lee R Cawley

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