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[Reference] Vehicle files (On-hold)

  • .YMT isn't encrypted. Rockstar uses their own version of text based files ( just think these as notepad++ but in R* version) like .YFT and .YDD .Hence, a special tool such as Zmodeler 3 or custom plugins 3Ds Max (GIMS EVO) is required to read these formats.

    Encryption != Unique file format

  • @cyberzone2 Huh? YMT files and YFT files are two completely different file formats. YMT are text data, YFT files are model fragment files, so I see absolutely no connection between the two.

    This is a YFT file.


    And yes, YMT files are encrypted, as you can see from this image from OpenIV


    YFT != YMT

  • No

    YMT isn't encrypted , R* uses their own special programs. That's what I meant.

    What OpenIV shows means the file is not edited or modified by the user yet ( go check the meta version and you will see the same thing " compressed encrypted" until you start editing it )

    Don't be confused about that.

  • I'm not good in explainingr, and I have proeroblems typing these on my iPad due to bugs, so apologzisse with my constant edits.

  • Don't worry, I just think we're getting a bit too caught up in the semantics of the problem. Whether it's encrypted or a custom format, it's still unreadable until someone makes it otherwise. That's the only important point...

    One day maybe everything will be readable and then we won't have any problems at all. :D

  • @LeeC2202

    There is actually a tool that could read .ymt ( resource files only, no PSO format), and its open source.

    Have a look : http://gtaforums.com/topic/865391-wipv-metatool-ymt-ymap-ytyp/ or this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/meta-toolkit

    Source : https://github.com/Neodymium146/gta-toolkit

  • @cyberzone2 I think I've tried the meta toolkit but I probably keep trying it on the wrong files, because I always get an error. :(

    I tried to use that gta-toolkit library a while back to read rpf files but the author ignored every request I made for information... that's one of the reasons I dislike GTAForums. I had all kinds of tool ides but I couldn't get my head around rpf files. So that person suggested I use their toolkit but it's convoluted and completely empty of any comments. There's no documentation and he doesn't seem interested in answering questions, so I gave up.

    I still have the project solution on my PC.

  • Okay, so I have updated the file in the first comment (first link) to the data that this outputs in the current state, with 214 modkit IDs assigned.

    If anyone wants to try this tool to see if it provides something useful for them to use, then I am more than happy to provide a link to that too. It's just a 20KB exe file that requires no installer. You just need to provide the required meta/xml files.

    I have no idea what other data is useful, unless anyone thinks that having the in-game "Friendly Name" would be a useful addition. To get that I would basically have to spawn every car and output that name to a file to get it, I don't know where that data is in the files, or the version of the vehicle class data that is shown in the Hud.

    Edit: Here's a thought... what if you could provide this tool with the handling meta files as well and then when you selected a vehicle in the list, you could choose to export the data (for that vehicle), that is required to make an addon... does that sound like a useful addition?

  • @TobsiCred In theory it could just use the vehicles.meta files from the dlc folders, the problem is that if one of those folders has a complete vehicles.meta, it will include everything.

    Basically, whatever is in the meta files you give it, ends up in the list. There is no way to identify which folder the file came from, as they are all the same name.

    Actually... you've just made me realise something, the updated file I have put on the first link includes all the addons I have got installed. :(

    I will redo the complete list and then I will create one just based on the dlc folders to see what gets added. I will update this post in a short while.

  • @TobsiCred This seems to contain vehicles that are not in x64e.rpf, so it should be what you need. It is made from all the vehicles.meta files in just the dlcpacks folders.


    Edit: I've also updated the main file and removed all of my addons from the list

  • I'm probably going to regret this choice... but this tab has been added to this tool.


    I'll just have to see how this goes... I can't build the rpf files but I can build the folder structure that the rpf file should contain. I don't know if that will be helpful or not but what the heck, it's not like I have much else to do... :D

    On a side note... I feel really guilty when I look at the forums page and see my picture on most of the categories at this time of night. Code more - talk less perhaps. :\

  • Damnit!!! Now I've just spotted an addon car that uses the same name as an existing vanilla vehicle... I was all ready to blame the addon creator but in fairness, their model was out first.

    But it does highlight another danger of the whole addon process, pick a name you know nobody would ever use, make it truly unique and bizarre if necessary. What works today may not work tomorrow or whenever the next update arrives. :(

    I have also spotted some worrying issues regarding the carvariations... I put some code in to flag any IDs that were different to what carcols generated and some have appeared. But because I don't know which files are newer, I don't know which are the current ID values... so tomorrow = more checking.

  • @LeeC2202 said in [Reference] Vehicle files:

    @cyberzone2 Huh? YMT files and YFT files are two completely different file formats. YMT are text data, YFT files are model fragment files, so I see absolutely no connection between the two.

    What he means is that the .YFTs are also encrypted, because, if you just take a normal YFT, and try and put it in a program like MilkShape 3D, or 3Ds Max, it will not load, only with ZModeler.

    Have you tried opening a YFT in 3Ds Max?

  • @krashadam I think we were both getting a bit hung up on the whole encrypted thing tbh, me especially if the files really aren't encrypted.

    If I could do all the modelling in Max, that would be perfect... maybe one day. :D

  • Okay... so a bit of enlightenment today on getting the modkit values into this file correctly. The solution came in the form of this function.

    int ModKitID = Function.Call<int>(Hash.GET_VEHICLE_MOD_KIT, TargetVehicle);

    That seems to report an accurate value for the ModKitID being used and matches up with values returned for the vehicle info from the meta/ymt/xml files.

    For instance, the docs show the Bodhi as 14 and in one of my test mods, that function returned 14.

    Vehicle Name: Bodhi
    Vehicle Display Name: BODHI2
    Vehicle Class: OffRoad
    Vehicle Model: 0xAA699BB6
    Vehicle ModKit ID: 14

    What this means, is that where I have conflicting values, I can now determine exactly which is the correct value and which file contains that value. That should enable me to create a fully accurate version of this file. So a good, if not late start to the documentation day... more to follow.

  • @LeeC2202 said in [Reference] Vehicle files:

    If I could do all the modelling in Max, that would be perfect... maybe one day. :D

    Oh boy, that would be a lifesaver for me.


    Following this thread with great interest.

    If you could one day create a batch tool that automagically adds IRL names to the gtdx or whatever that file is called, that would rock.

    Currently have 400+ cars in approx 60 add-on packs.

    Just recently got an issue that might rain on your modkit parade though:
    I reserved 2222 for testing modkits (if tuning didn't work, I can check whether its the modkit number or a syntax in my carcols lines...).

    When importing various cars all of a sudden 2222 stopped working on me.

    I figured it was something in the carcols lines of one the most recent imported cars but no.
    I rolled back my actions. And 2222 worked again on car15. Okay, import car16 with its own unique modkit number 442, still 2222 works on car15. Okay, import car 17 with modkit 443. Now 2222 stops working, no tuning on car15. Hmmm so it's in carcols lines from car17 I figured? So, I deleted all carcols lines for car16 (!!!!) and low an behold car15 with 2222 has tuning again? Dafuq...

  • @ReNNie said in [Reference] Vehicle files:

    If you could one day create a batch tool that automagically adds IRL names to the gtdx or whatever that file is called, that would rock.

    Is that the gxt2 file in data\lang\american.rpf? If so, I will be doing my very best if I get this addon tab working. At this point in time, I know very little about what that file is meant to hold, or how the data it does hold is generated. I just know it's something about hash values of names but I don't know how those hash values are worked out.

    Then again, I know the same amount about all of these files and that's what's making this such a pain to deal with. I'm used to understanding what a file is and does when I normally do this kind of thing but every file is a complete mystery, which is why the end results are proving to be so hit and miss up to now.


    @LeeC2202 correctemundo


    I have all aforementioned 400+ real car names and spawn name in a text file. So if via a CSV import a tool could create hashes and write it to the gxt2 that would be grand

  • @ReNNie I'll try and find the code that will let me generate the hash values... it has to be out there somewhere.

  • @ReNNie I think I have found the code to generate hashes, I just need some known values to compare against.

    On a side note, I seem to have managed to generate my first complete vehicles.meta file with addon data inside based solely on the replace vehicle name... so that's a bit of progress. I'm just a bit worried that this thread is slipping sideways because the tool that helped me generate these files, is progressing into something more... not sure what to do about that. I'm still not convinced that it is going to be able to produce reliable data, so it's hard to commit to it as a viable WIP project.

  • Well it looks like my document processing is completely screwed. I added some code that flagged when an ID was changed from the first value that was assigned and it would show the old and the new values along with the file that made the last change. That resulted in this list:

    carvariations(21).meta - hemi: Ex ID: 0, New ID: 3500		-	255
    carvariations(47).meta - buccaneer: Ex ID: 25, New ID: 153	-	25
    carvariations(47).meta - faction2: Ex ID: 170, New ID: 111	-	144
    carvariations(50).meta - chino: Ex ID: 201, New ID: 165		-	140
    carvariations(53).meta - tampa: Ex ID: 128, New ID: 25		-	158
    carvariations(54).meta - bifta: Ex ID: 87, New ID: 83		-	87
    carvariations(55).meta - jester: Ex ID: 92, New ID: 86		-	90
    carvariations(55).meta - turismor: Ex ID: 93, New ID: 88	-	91
    carvariations(55).meta - alpha: Ex ID: 95, New ID: 91		-	92
    carvariations(56).meta - zentorno: Ex ID: 90, New ID: 89	-	93
    carvariations(56).meta - huntley: Ex ID: 94, New ID: 90		-	95
    carvariations.ymt - ninef: Ex ID: 32, New ID: 26		-	32
    carvariations.ymt - ninef2: Ex ID: 18, New ID: 11		-	18
    carvariations.ymt - asea: Ex ID: 24, New ID: 17			-	24

    The right hand column is the value that was returned by the game using the modkitID function I showed earlier. As you can see, not only are some wrong, some are reporting values that don't even seem to have been assigned. :(

    So I think a definitive list is going to require some extensive manual tinkering... but for now I am going to try and manually identify exactly which documents contain some of these vehicles and try and track down where I am missing values.

    Edit: This officially makes no sense... I cannot find a single instance where the modkit ID of 144 is assigned to the faction2, yet that is what the game reports as the modkitID. :confounded:


    ".... you're meddling with powers you can't possibly comprehend"

    What movie?

  • Okay, due to windows search not being able to find strings inside quotes, I have just written my own file searcher that will. Windows will find the 144 inside the quotes but won't find "144" as a string with the quotes.

    Out of every vehicles.meta, carcols.meta, carvariations.meta, carcols.ymt and carvariations.xml (which are the ymt files converted to xml format), the only vehicle ever assigned the ID of 144, is the trophytruck.

          <id value="144" />	 	  

    So I have no idea why the faction2 is reporting this ID in the game... unless that ModKitID function is broken.

  • @ReNNie The chances of me recognising a movie quote are about as high as me figuring out why these damned ID values don't make sense. :D

    I used to watch a movie regularly, I probably haven't watched one in 12 months.

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