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[script/map/animalskin] Survival Islands

  • Yop,
    since we can now create nice island with object spawner, i was thinking that maybe some people would like to get a survival scenario on an island, would be nice if a scripter could give a try

    Basicly, the player get a plane/boat accident and wake up on an island (alone or with some ped for more gameplay possibilty)
    the objectif will be to survive X amount of time for the rescue to come or to craft a boat in order to escape.
    So to survive he will have to recolt and craft thing in order to feed, protect from cold/hotness/humidity/animals/enemy/etc.

    I guess it possible to script.

    About the map, well everyone can now create an island even newbie, for now the map possibilty are already pretty big in amount or in kind ( northern island, tropical island, temperate island, etc)
    wich could feed the mod for a long time
    (between if the scripter need help on mapping part i'm ready to help ;)

    The last thing is about animals, would be great to get more like aligator, snake, spider, seaspider, etc idk if that possible but would be a really good plus for a such script and even for the basic game ;P

    Hope some one would be able to do that would be so great ;)

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